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Posted: Dec. 31 2005,02:04 QUOTE

Human, I can't  accomplish Ur presentation , more consequences are much appreciated ...         ;-)
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Posted: Dec. 31 2005,09:20 QUOTE

Here is what I have found to have issues:
1. Forgetting I booted to Ram and I wiped out my changes when I rebooted.
2. Booting to a western digital 80 gig. usb2 external drive. Even after using a redhat install disk to create a partition it fails to boot, even if it is not located in the begining sectors of the drive.
3. Had to create an ext2 partition with redhat & then format it later in DSL, DSL would not partition a HD, when booted toram,on the laptop or a test machine. For the hard drive install.
4. Will not default to the fb800x600, ps2 mouse on a Compaq 1275 laptopHD install. It asks each time it is booted.
5. Extremely slow on AMD 64/3500 with 512 megs memory. I am sure this is something I am no putting in at boot time. AMD 350 P1 w/256 megs was faster, not much though.
6. Netgear Wireless gw511v2 from china refuses to work, in laptop. Only wireless card I have.

What has worked extremely well:
1. Booting P1-P4 cpus, extremely fast compared to windows.
2. Works under VMware's Workstation, GSX Server, ESX Server. Virtual SMP freezes. Got a VMTM subscription from VmWare.
3.Once I read the "Stable" part in the directions Wine installed & even worked when I finished it.
4. The cd has booted in every machine I have put it in "toram". Xeon, Intel p1-4 & cel, AMD 32/64, so far 8 different machines. No HT or dual cores yet.
5. Aditional Package installation is less steps the RedHat Network that is automatic... and costs 360.00 a year.

I will post anything new as it comes up.
Following tests are for bootp server boot, flashdisk, ide to compac flash adapters, thumb drives, and last but now least I-Ram drive by gigabyte>Way cool SSDD, this guy makes an AMD 64 with 1 gig mem, 4 gig SSDD, WinXP64 simply screem.

Smooth flights...Computers during the night & Helicopters during the day...

Boise, Idaho
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Posted: Dec. 31 2005,15:29 QUOTE


Last time, I used it when I installed DSL to HDD. I used command: loadkeys th-win-latin1. Nowadays, I'm using GRUB Frugal HDD install.
These keymaps use ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) Charset Keysym for Thai characters. It is based on US qwerty keymap. th-win-latin1.kmap is for keyboard with Windows key. Thanks :D

"My advice is to just  return hardware that does not work with a plain Linux kernel, right to the place where you bought it, and ask for your money back..."

Klaus Knopper
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MethodOne Offline

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Posted: Dec. 31 2005,16:15 QUOTE

Here's my extension for the missing Links:

It came from Debian woody.

"...Use blankets or pillows to cover your body and always stay away from Windows." -National Weather Service tornado warning
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edard Offline

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Posted: Dec. 31 2005,21:10 QUOTE

Module pcnet_cs is being loaded for my Linksys Fast Ethernet 10/100 NP100  card which needs axnet_cs.
Dmesg reports:
" pcnet_cs: this is an AX88190 card
  pcnet_cs: use axnet_cs instead....."

An older DSL loaded axnet_cs and worked fine.
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