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green Offline

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Posted: Jan. 26 2006,06:02 QUOTE

Just my .02 cents worth, but here goes...

List of things to dump (get rid of), they could become .dsl or .uci files:

1. Xpaint
2. Xzoom
3. Ted
4. Postscript Viewer
5. PIM using Index
6. SQLite Book
7. gPhone
8. Ace of Penguins
9. Midnight Commander
10. jwm (i like it, but i flux better)
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 26 2006,06:22 QUOTE

Forced to choose, I'd convert GRUB to a downloadable script as a Mydsl extension file.

It is only used for installations, which are done infrequently.

Browsing for files, or editing textfiles are done more often even when running from livecd on a PC that is not connected to the Internet.

Regardless, my vote for the program to leave is the new version of TED.  In addition to some flakey behavior when you try and print a document, the program and all of it's associated files take up a large amount of space, even after they are compressed.  I don't know the exact size, but the TED 2.14 extension weighs in at 4.2MB and that is a gzipped compressed file.

I like TED, but not at the expense of a whole bunch of other programs.

Some possible alternatives:

1) Figure out some way to slim down TED or slim down the associated files like the ones in /usr/share/ted for example.

EDIT: I didn't read the part about the TED docs being offloaded to the DSL web site in 2.2RC1.  I am still running 2.1b, so I did not realize that it has already been done to some extent.

2) Put FLWriter back in (I dunno about the size of this program).

3) Resume the Hunt for the best compromise of word processor functionality vs. size

Just my $0.02
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armelle Offline

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Posted: Jan. 26 2006,09:23 QUOTE

without mc ?

...not fine ...
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Grim Offline

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Posted: Jan. 26 2006,09:53 QUOTE

Personally, and I've said this in a couple of other threads, we should drop betaFTPd.  There's already a SSH server in there that does everything that beta does and it does it better.  If people need anonymous downloads, they can use monkey.

Something else I've also mentioned but I'm not sure if I posted it in the right thread, is there any reason we couldn't use upx to pack up some executables and save some space?  True, it would require that we add libucl1 which weighs in at a whopping 96 bytes, but it could reduce the average filesize of a number of apps.  I'm not sure how much overhead that would add to the processing for older machines, but it'd make for a neat test.

I'm a vim biggot so you know which way I vote there.  I could give a damn if there weren't any other editors on the base iso 'cause I'll never use 'em anyways, but I can understand that other people are probably just as passionate about their editor of choice **cough**cough**.

No good deed goes unpunished...
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enthusi Offline

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Posted: Jan. 26 2006,10:12 QUOTE

@John et al.
I'd dump alot instead of MC.
I agree with green lists mostly.
Things to dumb instead:

- ALL toys/games (even for future space-needs)

- a 2nd winmanager (I understand how people like both of them - I think for a distro its ok to stick to one. Id even understand if its not fluxbox (that I prefer alot though)). In my exp people changing their managers are not that new to linux anyway and can dl it. Also its not essential for quick-use-in-the-pocket as MC is for many people.

- maybe even xpaint. Though its a cool app, I doubt its actually used very often :(

Things that should stay (I think):
Grub-stuff. I think grub really is a step forward without beeing bloated. Its way more userfriendly and failsafe (in my exp at least)

I even thought TCC was a good addition but I think that discussion is over :)

I had quite a bad feeling when the controller failed to work and MC was announced removed. Since 0.1 its the first time I didnt think 'YAY' - but Im optimistic :)
Keep up the great work!
in the last DSL, my ide-controller with CMD649-chip was NOT recognized. Thats very bad since its quite common and not even that old.
I havent tried this new candidate yet. Might just have been the kernel.

silence tells me secretly...
DSL on
cf-frugal-install on 700Mhz P3, 320 MB ram
cf-frugal & usb for via epia 5000, 512 MB ram
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