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clacker Offline

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Posted: May 31 2006,23:03 QUOTE

EDIT: What was I thinking?  /usr/games is in the PATH variable.

I made a few unc extensions and I noticed a problem.  I made a gcc1-with-libs.unc that worked fine, but my gnu-utils.unc didn't work.  I think there may be a problem if you overwrite a link that already exists on the system.  This may only occur the second time you load and unload an extension.

Try this: create a temporary directory called myapp and another called myapp/bin.  Create a shell script called myapp/bin/dd, it can do anything.  Mine printed out a test string using echo.  chmod 777 on the new dd and test it to make sure it works.  Now create a unc extension of this by running:

mkisofs -R -hide-rr-moved -cache-inodes -pad myapp/ | create_compressed_fs - 65536 > myapp.unc

After you load this extension with mydsl-load myapp.unc, the dd command doesn't work.  neither the new one nore the old one.  Run mydsl-load myapp.unc again and the old dd is back and functioning.  I'm not sure why this happens, but when you try to make a gnu-utils.unc, it overwrites really important busybox funcions which the keeps you from unloading it (I think it got ride of really base level programs like xargs, sleep, and cat).

This was kind of a sporadic problem which I'm hoping is something I did wrong.  Sometimes it looks like it worked, sometimes it doesn't.
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meo Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,00:27 QUOTE

Hello guys!

I've been trying out the DSL-3.0RC1 and I ran in to some troubles. I have tried several times but the same happens. When I load the opera*.unc it loads and I can use it without problems. But when I shut it down I can't open emelfm. I can't even shut down properly. I use a cd and download the opera extension with firefox. I have no explanation for this. Hope the problem will be solved as I like to use the latest version of DSL. For now I stick with DSL 2.4 which seems rock solid.

Have fun and thanks for the effort to develop DSL further,

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clacker Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,00:57 QUOTE

OK, I tried the above again and it doesn't work correctly.  When you run an [b]ls -l /[b] command you can see that /bin is a link back to the /KNOPPIX directory.  Shouldn't /bin be just a plain directory which would be the mount point for a union between a writeable directory /ramdisk/bin and the read only /KNOPPIX/bin, with additional directories added after /ramdisk/bin in the tree?

I think the union may not be working because /bin is a link to the /KNOPPIX/bin directory rather that being a directory.  The same to /lib and the others.  Is there a way to set /bin up as a union from the beginning?
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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,01:29 QUOTE

clacker, I tried your test app and it works fine for me.

dsl@box:~$ mydsl-load myapp.unc
myapp.unc sucessfully mounted!
dsl@box:~$ listu
       /ramdisk/bin (rw)
       /ramdisk/opt/myapp/bin (r-)
       /ramdisk/opt/opera852/bin (r-)
       /ramdisk/opt/abiword/bin (r-)
       /KNOPPIX/bin (r-)
       /ramdisk/dev (rw)
       /dev (r-)
       /ramdisk/etc (rw)
       /ramdisk/opt/opera852/etc (r-)
       /ramdisk/opt/cups/etc (r-)
       /ramdisk/opt/abiword/etc (r-)
       /etc (r-)
       /ramdisk/lib (rw)
       /ramdisk/opt/opera852/lib (r-)
       /KNOPPIX/lib (r-)
       /ramdisk/sbin (rw)
       /KNOPPIX/sbin (r-)
       /ramdisk/tmp (rw)
       /ramdisk/usr (rw)
       /ramdisk/opt/opera852/usr (r-)
       /ramdisk/opt/cups/usr (r-)
       /ramdisk/opt/abiword/usr (r-)
       /KNOPPIX/usr (r-)
       /ramdisk/var (rw)
       /ramdisk/opt/cups/var (r-)
dsl@box:~$ dd
hello from dd!

The myapp.unc has its bin correctly placed within the tree and the result of typing dd gives the proper result.
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JB4x4 Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,09:26 QUOTE

I seem to be having the same problem as meo and kerry.  I have tried with both 3.0 RC1 and RC1b off of the live cd booting "dsl unionfs norestore base"  It seems that after loading abiword.unc, emelfm does not work, along with some of the other programs.  Also, when trying to exit to the terminal, it hangs on "waiting for X server to shut down", and requires a "ctrl-alt-delete"
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