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meo Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,10:04 QUOTE

Hi again!

Just tried the DSL v3.0RC1b this morning and the problems I described earlier remains.

Have fun and thanks for your efforts,

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unixmipfr Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,12:03 QUOTE

Hi All,

Question : wpasupplicant  was it included in the New RC3.0 ?

WPA encryption is needed by many of WiFi Users at all .

Thanks in advance to supply "Secure Wifi connections through wpasupplicant" .

Linux WPA Supplicant page

Have a good job . :D
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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,15:06 QUOTE

I don't see the problem when using mydsl-load from a shell nor do I see this problem when automatic loading via a mydsl directory.

Since I normally don't use emelfm to launch extensions I didn't see this issue. I have in the past have had many such issues with emelfm and its interactions with certain programs.

This seems to be another issue with emelfm.

Please try again but  do not use emelfm and things should work.

We may need to try to come up with another work around for emelfm.
The specific area is /home/dsl/.emelfm/buttons  
The mydsl button is the first line.
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clacker Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,16:47 QUOTE

I am able to reproduce what I saw before now from a clean CD.  Create a myapp and myapp/bin directories, create a shell script called myapp.bin/dd that echoes some text, make it executable, and create a myapp.unc.  Load it from an xterminal and try typing "dd" and it works.  unload myapp.unc and dd returns to the busybox version.  Reload the myapp.unc and when you type "dd" you now see:

bash: /bin/dd: Invalid argument

So maybe it happens on the second loading.  Can I ask where exactly do the unions get set up the first time?  I want to try making a union of /ramdisk/bin and /KNOPPIX/bin and then have /bin be a link to /ramdisk/bin instead of /KNOPPIX/bin.
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pr0f3550r Offline

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Posted: June 01 2006,18:34 QUOTE

Quote (roberts @ May 29 2006,22:45)
1. New unionfs as a boot option

I may be retarded but I can't see the unionfs option at boot time.
Pressing F2 or F3 I really can't see it.
I have definitely downloaded the right iso...



How to use floppy, CD-ROM and hard disk -

How to use network -
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