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roberts Offline

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Posted: Sep. 20 2007,22:14 QUOTE

Quote (ki4hqk @ Sep. 20 2007,14:36)
This is very minor...

The DSL home page still links to the discussion for 4.0RC3.


I am currently out of town and don't like to access the actual site as super user via public access. As soon as I get back will update.
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jls legalize Offline

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Posted: Sep. 21 2007,01:46 QUOTE

using dfm to delete a file in /tmp/mydsl/ I got something like touch: premission denied....
I would suggest to download the .info of the mydsl optional extension in the mydsl folder.

legalize cannabis, etc
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Sep. 21 2007,06:47 QUOTE

Very interesting about torsmo v0.18. I may have to pull it from the base and let it be an extension as andrewb had originally made. Then the .info file could be updated with actual requirements needed to get a display. I will keep watching for any more test results so we know what are the actual requirements.

Gets more interesting, if I try John's ramdisk swap thing:
Code Sample
$ torsmo
Floating point exception
$ cd /
$ sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile bs=4096 count=500
dd: writing `swapfile': No space left on device
446+0 records in
445+0 records out
1822720 bytes transferred in 0.004938 seconds (369119048 bytes/sec)
$ sudo mkswap swapfile
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 1818 kB
$ sudo swapon swapfile
$ torsmo
torsmo: drawing to root window
torsmo: drawing to single buffer
torsmo: forked to background, pid is 1580

I'd really like torsmo to stay in the base - maybe the extension could be used to overwrite v-0.17 or v-0.18 depending on which suits the most people
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Sep. 21 2007,07:44 QUOTE

I did some more testing on the auto for uci extensions on the samba.dsl extension I've been trying to move to /opt/samba-2.

The extension now finds it's libraries but when I try to mount a windows share, I get:
smb connection failed
Unknown parameter encountered: "passdb backend"
Ignoring unknown parameter "passdb backend"
load_client_codepage: filename /usr/lib/codepages/codepage.850 does not exist.
1893: tree connect failed: ERRDOD - ERRnoaccess

Symlinking /opt/samba-2/lib/codepages -> /usr/lib fixes this (and the share mounts despite the error) - recompiling from the beginning would seem to be the way to go for this one...
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Key Offline

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Posted: Sep. 21 2007,16:32 QUOTE

Quote (roberts @ Sep. 20 2007,18:11)
I could keep delaying 4.0 with another RC.

Does this mean, that we have to wait even longer for a DSL 5 release with a 2.6.x kernel ? I am a little bit disappointed.
When do you think to start with DSL 5 ?

I wish I could use DSL again, but I can't as there is no support for newer computers due to the 2.4.x kernel.
In the past, we have thought that there is no problem, but now we know, that there is no SATA support for all computers, no LAN support for all computers, ....

Why not doing a pre-pre-pre-pre release of DSL 5 ( same as DSL 4 but with a 2.6.x kernel ).
Is this really so much effort or re-programming ?

Do the new computer owners a favor please, if it could be done in an easy way. Would be great.



Sorry, in no way I want to abandon the current project.
I only had / have the hope, that a version with a 2.6.x kernel could be there soon. Checking all the time, but unfortunately no news. Of course, such a message is not appropriate in this RC area. But why not estimate a time-frame for a 2.6.x release in the feedback area? I have tried a lot, but I do not get DSL 4 with the 2.4.x kernel running on my new computer.
Doesn't matter. I will be calm again and wait ..
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