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Posted: Mar. 02 2007,13:48 QUOTE

Quote (atermfan @ Mar. 01 2007,17:53)
Technically speaking, if it had some kind of discriminitive FS, it would not have worked in other distros I have tried.  I do not even think developers would go as far as to not make it not work in a specific distro.

Whoa. It would matter a lot if you lacked that particular fs support in your kernel/modules irrespective of distro -- or irrespective even of operating system. Not all distros use the same kernel/module configurations, so it really does matter if a device has some oddball filesystem. Fortunately, yours doesn't.
Code Sample

  Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sda1   *           1        1968      503792   83  Linux

Detected by Knoppix 4.0.

Off topic question: Does ext2 automatically sets it to boot?  Because I did not set it to boot.

No, ext2 isn't automatically bootable.

Are you certain that it's not RC3 (which had a similar issue) and that your ports are USB2?

Ports are USB2.  Positive.

I downloaded the DSL-N a few days ago.  So I assumed it is the latest version (RC4).  But then I went to have a second look.  And found out something...

This link:

Says: "DSL-N (DSL's bigger sister) is now at 0.1RC4."

But when I went to this sub-link:

It says: "DSL-N 0.1RC3 is now ready"

Now I am not so sure which of those links I downloaded from.  I popped in the DSL-N CD again to check, but I can not find the version mentioned anywhere.  The boot screen says 0.01.  That is it; it does not mention which RC.

I tried to find out by looking up the screenshot, but the site only offers the screenshot of the first RC.  Google did not yield any results for a DSL-N screenshot.

The DSL-N I got has a coast as a background.  Perhaps someone would tell me if I got the RC3 or 4?

It seems very odd how the main DSL site has the latest RC, while the "home page" of DSL-N still has RC3.

I haven't played with DSL-N much in a while, and the last I burned was RC3. I don't recall if it has the DSL control panel, but that should tell you which version you're running. RC3's fluxbox background is an aerial view of a coastline. I don't know if that was changed in RC4. I'm sure someone will tell you shortly.

It also isn't terribly odd that links on different pages aren't synched. Stuff happens, things can get overlooked. I'm sure that will be addressed now that the issue's been raised.

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Quick Reply: USB flash drive not mounting!

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