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Posted: Oct. 01 2005,16:13 QUOTE

Zaapa wlan usb 802.11.b year 2003 works with driver atmel
in the repository test there are another atmel driver by

elmfl as superuser
1º tar -xzvf at503....
2º cd at503...
3º make
4º make install
read "readme" to instalmod 3 files
out elmf

goes to app wlan an configure
goes to app card config

goes to emlf or xwindows as superuser and

ping ip adress of your card..if is ok the cpu send mesages of trasmition..

the next init of cpu you have to  write instalmod (insmod) and card config ... my science don´t works more ...for boots init is needed help of gurus..

a version is in the repository testing by tempestous, but in zaapa cards don´t work the moment i´m a newbe in linux
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tempestuous Offline

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Posted: Oct. 02 2005,01:03 QUOTE

The BerliOS Atmel driver supports some, not all, Atmel USB devices.  See their compatibility list at
You won't see "Zaapa" listed there ... is Zaapa a rebadged CNet??

The Sourceforge Atmel driver (also available as mydsl) supports some Atmel USB devices, too.

A good start would be to identify the exact model of Atmel chipset in your device, and maybe the Manufacturer ID number.
"cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" or "dmesg"
The manid number will help with the BerliOS compatibility list, and the chipset model number may help with the Sourceforge driver because there are differennt versions of the driver for different chipsets.

After installing the driver and running "depmod" or "update-modules", the steps are -

modprobe at76c503-rfmd  (for BerliOS driver ... or)
modprobe usbvnetr / usbvnet5 / usbvnet5_2958 / usbvnet5A / usbvnet5AMX (for Sourceforge driver)
iwconfig wlan0 (or atml0 for Sourceforge) essid MY_ESSID key 1234567890 mode Managed
pump -i wlan0 (or atml0)
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MinatureMe Offline

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Posted: Oct. 03 2005,15:43 QUOTE

I got the MSI CB11B to work on an old 150 Mhz IBM Thinkpad, using ndiswrapper and the drivers from the supplied CD-rom (The downloadable drivers did not work).

The same card would not work on a 133 Mhz Fujitsu laptop (due, I think, to Bios IRQ problems).
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SaidinUnleashed Offline

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Posted: Oct. 03 2005,17:36 QUOTE

Add new cards to the list in the Wiki, please.

Makes is nice, organized, and most importantly, SEARCHABLE!

See the topic HERE for info on how to contribute!

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