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I'm thinking of deleting this entire page. It is difficult to read, and I don't think it will be that helpful for anybody. If anyone disagrees, please say something.

Translation works

This page says:

  If you use 7-zip you can easily open the directory-tree of the Brazilian version pbtr.dsl. There you can find and extract all files that are to be changed.
  Please try to coordinate who is working on which language that there is no double work done by adding your name after the languageTLD-code:
  Discussion should be done in the forum.

Which forum?

I guess each languaje should discuss their work sepparatedly (e.g. spanish), but there should be a common forum for language-independant technical aspects. Please specify the common forum and/or thread.

Translating DSL

Is there any way to translate DSL into other languages? I would like to be able to use DSL in swedish and are willing to translate it myself. By "translating DSL" I'm talking about translating the "basics" (graphical user interface, the text shown at boot, most option dialogs, etc). 17 November 2007 12:34 (EST)


I'd also like to know about it, so if you find out, please let me know. By the way, the easy way to start would be to translate the wiki and the internal specific DSL Tools, which are scripts in bare-text files. Then, here and here you can find the external components. Some of them might already have a translation and if not, you might be able to contact the source projects and offer your translations upstream. The brazilian package should also help.

And though it is not necessary, it would be great for you to create a user in the wiki so you can sign your contributions.

Fioddor 17 Nov 2007


I made a post about this at the forum today. I think it's good, so I linked it here. Hope it's OK?
Curaga at 29 Jan 2008