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I love the Zero Wing bash script, man. -- 3 October 2007 07:00 (EDT)


New articles for Lead_Developers

Assuming you can modify, please be informed there are now DSL Wiki articles for John Andrews and Robert Shingledecker.


"Wiki's are web applications which lets ..."
perhaps should be "... which let ..."

"You can browse the avaiable categories."
perhaps that should be "... available ...".
DmSmLxRep 2 June 2008 03:37 (UTC)

About Damn Small Linux

Since you seem to be the originator of About Damn Small Linux and the discussion (Talk:) page seems to be locked, I thought it might be courteous to let you know why I moved a complete section.

As I was adding the Wikipedia links, someone using added a reference to MydslPanel to the first section despite the existence of the third section, "The MyDSL System, or Stuffing the Penguin". I took that to indicate s/he had not seen the third section because of the length of the list of components in the second section. A move of the "... Stuffing ..." section to the second position should reduce the probability of that in the future.

I am currently contemplating adding a MyDSL article that will provide a pointer to the other MyDSL articles. The information contained in the [Category:MyDSL] description might be the basis of its contents.

I'd appreciate any comments you might have concerning my edits of About Damn Small Linux and plans for a MyDSL article.
DmSmLxRep 14 June 2008 23:00 (UTC)

MyDSL:Acceptable Extension Policy

Since you seem to be the last to have editted MyDSL:Acceptable Extension Policy, I would like to suggest it should be in the [Category:MyDSL].