Recording Internet Radio Part 2 - or - How to Automate Tasks in DSL

-- June 26, 2006 update. go to to copy the scripts. There is a small problem with how they display on this page

Now that we have a nice script to start recording a radio stations
streaming broadcast it would be nice if we could have that script
start up at a predefined date and time. It would be equally nice to
be able to stop that script from recording at a predefined date and

Lets work on the stopping part first.

Basically we need a script that will search for our recording script
from all the other processes that are running. Then get the Process ID
(PID) and issue a KILL command.

Recording Internet Radio Broadcast Streams with Damn Small Linux - Part 1

Well my DSL server has been running pretty good for a while now so it must be time to try and break it.

Here's my new passion.... I've been listening to radio stations that broadcast over the internet. You know, the streaming audio type of stuff. I can listen to classical from or jazz/folk/bluegrass from A problem comes up sometimes when I want to listen to a particular radio show but because of the time-zone differences or my schedule I'm not able to be at the computer to listen to it.

Back in the days before I pushed electrons around I had a stereo tape deck that could do timed recordings from AM/FM radio broadcasts. Basically I want to do the same thing but with internet radio. There might be a bunch of programs out there on the market (or maybe in myDSL extensions...I really need to look in there.) to do this but I didn't find any in my not-so-intensive 30 second search, so I decided to build one myself.

Garage Music Linux with DSL

Now it's after St. Patrick's Day and I am remodelling the garage. So I have my little DSL-laptop and old Hafler DH-200 and a pair of antique Smaller Advents (purchased in 1978?) in the garage with me to keep me musical company.

Oh yes, I am typing this while standing in the garage listening to the Chieftians.

Do I have he only DSL-equipped garage in North Texas? Maybe.


St. Patrick's day party made possible

Long Story...
Every year my wife and I host a St. Patrick's day party. I am in charge of the music.

First came records, and I was stuck next to the turntable (nobody else was allowed to touch my Thorens or later, my Rega).

Then came cassettes, and I would let someone else change them. But they all had to be recorded first.

Then came CDs, and someone else could change them too. A 5-disk Sony changer made it easier to mix the music without needing to record cassettes for hours and hours.

But when we moved to Texas and went all networked and wireless, I started my quest for the ultimate, streaming, synchronized system. This search is still on, but that's another story.

I'm a linux, damnit, not a... oh... wait.

I won't lie. I've had tulmultus affairs with many OS's over my thirty years of life. Starting with the Vic 20 and Apple and then the Commodore c64. I've been with DOS and all her sisters and cousins and children. I've dallied with OS/2 and diddled with AmigaOS and every variant windows I can imagine.

But beyond some old school CLI Unix commands over a telnet connection through a pirated copy of procomm plus when in the late 80's and Early ninties, I have never really diddled with Unix, Linux or any of their thousands of stepchildren.

Until now.

DSL blew me away. Really. AFter losing my computers in two hurricanes I was relegated to an old IBM Thinkpad 600e running win98 at 333mhz on a pentium II. It was a huge step down and while I have come to love the old girl, Windows bog down something feirce. So I went searching tho net and came across DSL. Intrigued, I burned an ISO on an old 210mb PocketCDR at my ex father in law's house and VIOLA, a minute after booting it on the thinkpad I was in love.


HY! i m a french canadian ...from QUEBEC my web site
i have found and old celeron 600mhz in the trash :)
and after installing win98 on it i have decide to make experiment and trying to install linux...i had downloaded a lot of live-cd some were nice, and others did work at all on my old and small celeron :(
and some day i have found DSL ...WOW it so fast... so lite...impressive...
thanx to DSL live-cd i have learn a lot about linux.
so i decided to install it on the hard drive 4gig :P it work much faster that way...i had no detection install problems.and no internet connetion it work smooth.i have installed apache web server

Rsync backups and Damn Small Linux

OK... you've got a Frugal install of DSL on some old piece of hardware and it's sitting in the corner just chugging away.


Then you decided to make it a Samba server by downloading the Samba.dsl and now it can be accessed by the windows boxes.


Then you wanted it to be a beefed up web server and FTP server so you added Xampp ( Xampp website ).


Maybe you're lucky enough to have a webcam that linux can use and you've also made the box into a webcam server with the motion.dsl download.


DSL makes it possible

There may be other ways to do this, but a small Linux, like DSL is the most available, and the easiest. An operating system on a pendrive gives you a super data-secure method of building an inexpensive, small computer for internet use and basic office tasks. It's secure because you can take, not only your newly created data, but your entire operating system away with you separately from your machine. It's also a great hobbiest's OS because it's flexible and free. Here's what I did with it recently.
Also, DSL and the mini-itx form factor just seem to go together like apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Take a look at this article.

DSL Intro

I am a Windows orphan... a laptop that once ran on 95, once my Pentium 1 and 64mb RAM was top of the range, but now, nobody wants to know me.

In an attempt to obtain Nirvana, I sat under a google space and I saw flashing lights. One of it said Damn Small Linux.

My last straw at reincarnation. I downloaded the .iso and booted on my CD. It's so unfair... others have fancy windows and my is a poor Dos like interface. What have I done wrong.

Not quite weaned from Windows, I did one thing I knew...I pressed Enter. The machine started flinging words and numbers at me... and then it started autoconfiguing my hardware... I had my CD, my floppy, my pcmcia slot with a Socket Ethernet card... and then the autoconfiguration stopped.

DSL on SonyEriccson w800i


Having discovered DSL only recently, I have decided to embark on installing it on my w800i's memory card. I am compiling my own image, including openoffice and thunderbird, and hopefully will be able to boot it straight off my USB connected phone.

Wish me luck and i'll let you know how it goes.