DSL jukebox

Having received a Zen Micro for Christmas, I've fallen in love with long playlists and 500+ track random shuffles. And while the Zen can be connected to our home stereo, there's only 6gigs to play with, and it's not being backed up. Therefore I decided to make a DSL-based home jukebox from spare parts I've been collecting in the garage over the years.

The jukebox will be running on an old AMD-K62 350mghz homebuilt from circa 1999. I have 2 mismatched sticks of RAM which add up to 512MB RAM, and 2 mismatched HD's that add up to just over 7gigs of storage. Yes, that's not much more than the Zen has, but the Zen doesn't allow me to mount an extra 100gigs for $50 either. Enough intro, let's go!

DSL 2.1 RC3

Just Downloaded 2.1 RC3 Man Is This The Bomb I Also Have Puppy 104&105&106
All are Very Fast Indeed Great Work Guys Keep It Up. I Just Love Trying New Disto's I Guess I Am Hooked On The Geek Stuff

Gonna be a daddy!

I keep forgetting that I have a blog setup here, anyways...

I've already posted this in the forums, but I thought I'd share here, as well. Hell, I'm telling everybody that'll listen. I'm gonna be a daddy!

Christmas morning, my wife woke me to inform me that she was pregnant. You really needed to be there, but suffice it to say that I jumped up and down like a madman, shouting WHOOHOO! and other unintelligible inanities.

I'm gonna be a daddy. I'm so excited I haven't really thought it though well enough to be terrified yet. Oh well.

My wife is going to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to get the lowdown and make sure that everything is physically copacetic up until this point. I'm so wired.

DSL on DSL is speedy indeedy

I use both the live cd version 2.0 and the embedded version which runs in Qemu on my Windows XP machine. Both are just great additions to my software collections and do just what I need them to do and do it VERY well. My machine is an AMD 1800 Athlon w/ a 1.5 gig processor and 256 meg memory, v.i.a chips and onboard video. The speed at which dsl runs is fantastic. I am connected to the net with dsl,, thus I am running DSL with DSL lol. The Qemu embedded version runs just as quick as any dial-up I have ever used and very frequently faster than that. I do not do much other than surf the web and write e-mails and make documents so this package takes me waaaay past where I need to go and has the added advantage of being snoop free. Dillo is a small and LIGHTNING fast browser and this is a boon to me as I like to view several topics from a webpage and I can have them loading in new tabs while speedreading and things go VERY quickly. There is no java with Dillo, but I do not miss it since I am reading text for the most part and the pure SPEED is just flat exhilirating! Firefox 1.0 is also included in dsl 2.0 live cd ( I am writing this comment from it ) and it is also right speedy, plus it will load all the pretty pictures and so forth. Damn Small Linux has always found ALL my hardware and loaded into useable form in a minimal amount of time in EVERY computer I tried it on. It is EASY to use, and after trying 14 other distros , mostly live cd's, over a period of 8 months, this one gets both my thumbs up and a couple raised fists as well.

Why I love DSL...

I am a middleage white guy loner. For me, loner is a lifestyle choice, not a personal problem. Having said that, this is why I love DSL. for a few years I have been trying to learn Linux by my self. I can install and run the various flavors I have tried. (probably about 25 different distros) But I have never been able to install a program. When I found DSL and learned about MyDSL, I was hooked. I installed it to hard drive on an old 500MHZ 500MB box I had sitting in my basement and use it all the time. I read an article a while back by some guy like me and he stated that until program install was as easy as Windows, linux would never be "mainstream" I can't remember where I saw it, or who he was, but I sure as heck would recomend DSL to him. When DSL got to 1.4 I sent a small donation to project. I am now using 2.0 and am overdue to send another small $$.

New Internet Computer - ( yes this is an actual computer)

At work I was required to learn solaris recently, so the evolution started to linux. I still dont know diddly about solaris but the linux is beginning to come along. There was a project rolling around with some very thin client machines that were supposed to allow only certain content and be the internet for certain users who could not or would not get internet themselves.
Sum it up, no one did anything with it so I got the demo machine. It is called a NIC or New Internet Computer (The company t/u about 2 years ago). This has about a 200 mhz cpu and about 64meg of ram no hard drive and a small 4 meg flash disk and CDRom. The machine boots into a nice little gui that is utterly useless. So I went looking for anything that would make this machine functional.

DSL.. I Mean DSL!

this works great than everything that i've imagined before! fantastic!
i'm trying to promote it here in cairo, though i'm (only) a little indonesian boy.

Linksys wpc11 v4 card with DSL.....

This is my adventure... Go to The Forums and/or Search for answers to your questions.

For those of you, like me, who bought at the woot sale on Linksys WPC11 v.4 pcmcia wireless 802.11b network cards last week. You can rejoice in knowing that they do work with DSL. At least with version 1.5 of DSL. The deal was three cards for US$ 15. That included shipping. You had to buy in lots of 3 cards. I know, it's old technology, 802.11b, but at $5/card I thought it was a good deal. They came individually boxed in their sealed, blue Linksys boxes, with instructions and software CD... But I digress...

Conversion is Completed

After a few failed attempts due to my own errors, not DSL's, I finally have a completely new OS on a much used P1 - 233 MMX with a mere 64 mb ram. For years I've heard of and read about Linux and how confusing and difficult it could be.

Well No more. DSL put a breathe of new life into this well used old machine. I'll be setting it up on another similar machine I've kept in the closet for some time now. This is definitely the wave of my future systems.

Windowless house.

Our house is now a Windowless house. I have finally (a long time coming) been able to rid our house of Windoz. Ah, what a feeling. I use DSL for the most part, PClinuxOS, and an older box for whatever strikes me at the moment. It is a nice thing not to have McGates popping up with blue screens, virus and spyware problems, etc. I do not miss it.