Damn Small Linux
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Notes on doing a Damn Small Linux install

Before you get started remember that you are installing DSL at your own risk. I would still call this install experimental, so back up your data first!

How to install:
1. Create a app. 250-300MB Linux partition with cfdisk or fdisk (e.g. /dev/hda1, /dev/sda2)
2. Boot into DSL by using you CD and enter the terminal.
3. Execute "dsl-hdinstall" by typing "sudo -u root dsl-hdinstall" (without the quotes)
and enter the just created partition (e.g. /dev/hda1, /dev/sda2)
This will make a ext2 file system and copies the CD contents to it.
A couple of specific changes are made after that (see end of script)
4. Execute "mkliloboot" by typing "sudo -u root mkliloboot" (without the quotes)
Enter the partition that your install is on. This will create an "initrd" with the needed modules and will setup "LILO".

Setup is now done. ;)

**One thing that can trip up the install script is if you download Firebird before running it. So, do an install from a fresh boot, and then download Firebird after you do the HD install**

Good luck!

Thank you Peter Sieg for the install script!

Notes on using apt-get:
DSL is based on Debian, so it is possible to use apt-get after a hard drive install once the dpkg database is restored.

The way to do this is to download the compressed dpkg file from here and move it to '/var/lib/', then uncompress it:
tar zxvf dpkg.tar.gz

After that just 'apt-get update' and then Apt should be fully functional.

If you have net access, type 'sudo dpkg-restore' in your term window.

Now for the warning:
Damn Small is not derived purely from Debian, if you 'apt-get install' the wrong application you may break something, for instance, the X servers.

If you want an easy and compact way to get Debian on your hard drive check out Bonzai