Damn Small Linux
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To make room I had to delete the entire /var/lib/dpkg/ from the iso to make room. It is available as a separate download (dpkg.tar.gz). It's integrity should be high. Below is the list of Debian packages currently in Damn Small Linux.

Also, keep in mind that Damn Small is not pure Debian based. there are applications in DSL that are not on this list.

| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name           Version        Description
ii  apt            0.5.4          Advanced front-end for dpkg
ii  apt-utils      0.5.4          APT utility programs
ii  ash-knoppix    0.2-3          A smaller version of the Bourne shell enhanc
ii  asmem          1.9-2          This is an AfterStep look & feel memory util
ii  autofs         3.9.99-4.0.0pr A kernel-based automounter for Linux
hc  automount-knop 0.5-3          Auto-generate autofs(5) lines on demand
ii  axyftp-gtk     0.5.1-1        A graphical ftp program with GTK interface
ii  base-files     3.0.7          Debian base system miscellaneous files
ii  base-passwd    3.4.5          Debian base system password/group files
ii  bash           2.05b-5        The GNU Bourne Again SHell
ii  bsdutils       2.11y-1        Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite.
ii  cdrecord       1.10-7         A command line CD/DVD writing tool
ii  cloop-module   0.67-1         The compressed loopback block device kernel 
ii  cloop-utils    0.67-3         Tools for handling with cloop compressed vol
ii  console-common 0.7.19         Basic infrastructure for text console config
ii  console-data   2002.12.04dbs- Keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fallback table
ii  console-tools- 0.2.3dbs-28    Shared libraries for Linux console and font 
ii  coreutils      4.5.4-1        The GNU core utilities
ii  cpp            2.95.4-17      The GNU C preprocessor.
ii  cpp-2.95       2.95.4-11      The GNU C preprocessor.
ii  csh            20020413-1     Shell with C-like syntax, standard login she
ii  debconf        1.2.21         Debian configuration management system
ii  debianutils    2.1.4          Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian
ii  deborphan      1.3-1          Find orphaned libraries.
ii  diff           2.8.1-1        File comparison utilities
ii  dpkg           1.10.9         Package maintenance system for Debian
ii  dselect        1.10.9         a user tool to manage Debian packages
ii  e2fsprogs      1.32-1         The EXT2 file system utilities and libraries
ii  emelfm         0.9.2-5        file manager for X/gtk
ii  esound-common  0.2.23-3       Enlightened Sound Daemon - Common files
ii  fdutils        5.4-20021102-1 Linux floppy utilities
ii  file           3.39-1         Determines file type using "magic" numbers
ii  findutils      4.1.7-2.1      utilities for finding files--find, xargs, an
ii  fluxbox        0.1.10-2       Highly configurable and low resource X11 Win
ii  gdk-imlib1     1.9.14-13      imaging library for use with gtk (using libp
ii  genliloconf    0.1-3          simple utility for auto-generating of lilo.c
ii  gphone         0.5.2-5        X/GTK-based internet telephone.
ii  grep           2.4.2-3.1      GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
ii  gzip           1.3.5-3        The GNU compression utility.
ii  hostname       2.09           A utility to set/show the host name or domai
ii  hotplug-knoppi 0.5-1          hotplug handler for KNOPPIX
ii  hwdata-knoppix 0.61-5         hardware identification / configuration data
ii  hwsetup        1.0-11         Automatic hardware setup using the kudzu lib
ii  icewm      A wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window man
ii  icewm-common      A wonderful Win95-OS/2-Motif-like window man
ii  ifupdown       0.6.4-4.4      High level tools to configure network interf
ii  imlib-base     1.9.14-13      Common files needed by the Imlib/Gdk-Imlib p
ii  imlib1         1.9.14-2       Imlib is an imaging library for X and X11
ii  iputils-ping   20020927-1     Tools to test the reachability of network ho
ii  kbdconfig      0.5-3          Lightweight keyboard configuration tool for 
ii  kernel-image-2 10.00.Custom   Linux kernel binary image for version 2.4.20
ii  less           381-2          A file pager program, similar to more(1)
ii  libao2         0.8.3-1        Cross Platform Audio Output Library
ii  libaudiofile0  0.2.3-4        The Audiofile Library
ii  libbz2         0.9.5d-4       A high-quality block-sorting file compressor
ii  libbz2-1.0     1.0.2-1        A high-quality block-sorting file compressor
ii  libc6          2.3.1-16       GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libcap1        1.10-12        support for getting/setting POSIX.1e capabil
ii  libcurl2       7.9.5-1        Multi-protocol file transfer library. (no SS
ii  libdb1-compat  2.1.3-7        The Berkeley database routines [glibc 2.0/2.
ii  libdb2      The Berkeley database routines (run-time fil
ii  libdb3         3.2.9-17       Berkeley v3 Database Libraries [runtime]
ii  libdps1        4.2.1-3        Display PostScript (DPS) client library
ii  libesd0        0.2.23-3       Enlightened Sound Daemon - Shared libraries
ii  libforms0.88   0.88.1-6       The XForms graphical interface widget librar
ii  libfreetype6   2.1.2-9        FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
ii  libgdbmg1      1.7.3-27.1     GNU dbm database routines (runtime version).
ii  libglib1.2     1.2.10-6       The GLib library of C routines
ii  libgsm1        1.0.10-11      Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor.
ii  libgtk1.2      1.2.10-14      The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X
ii  libgtk1.2-comm 1.2.10-14      Common files for the GTK+ library
ii  libid3tag0     0.14.2b-4      ID3 tag reading library from the MAD project
ii  libjpeg62      6b-6           The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime li
ii  libldap2       2.0.23-14      OpenLDAP libraries (without TLS support).
ii  libmad0        0.14.2b-4      MPEG audio decoder library
ii  libncurses5    5.3.20021109-2 Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libnewt0       0.50.17-12     Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode win
ii  libogg0        1.0.0-1        Ogg Bitstream Library
ii  libpam-modules 0.76-9         Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
ii  libpam-runtime 0.76-9         Runtime support for the PAM library
ii  libpam0g       0.76-9         Pluggable Authentication Modules library
ii  libparted1.6-0 1.6.5-1        The GNU Parted disk partitioning shared libr
ii  libpcap0       0.6.2-2        System interface for user-level packet captu
ii  libperl5.6     5.6.1-7        Shared Perl library.
ii  libpng10-0     1.0.15-4       PNG library, older version - runtime
ii  libpng12-0      PNG library - runtime
ii  libpng2        1.0.12-6       PNG library - runtime
ii  libpopt0       1.6.4-2        lib for parsing cmdline parameters
ii  libreadline4   4.3-5          GNU readline and history libraries, run-time
ii  libsasl7       1.5.27-3.3     Authentication abstraction library.
ii  libsqlite0     2.4.7-1        SQLite shared library
ii  libssl0.9.6    0.9.6g-6       SSL shared libraries
ii  libstdc++2.10  2.95.2-14      The GNU stdc++ library
ii  libstdc++2.10- 2.95.4-15      The GNU stdc++ library
ii  libtiff3g      3.5.5-6        Tag Image File Format library
ii  libungif4g     4.1.0b1-5      shared library for GIF images (runtime lib)
ii  libusb-0.1-4   0.1.6a-2.1     Userspace USB programming library
ii  libvorbis0     1.0.0-1        The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
ii  libvorbisfile3 1.0.0-1        The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
ii  libwrap0       7.6-ipv6.1-3   Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library
ii  libxaw6        4.2.1-3        X Athena widget set library (version 6)
ii  libxaw7        4.2.1-3        X Athena widget set library
ii  lilo      LInux LOader - The Classic OS loader can loa
ii  login          4.0.3-7        System login tools
ii  loop-aes       1.6i-1         AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Kernel mo
rc  lpr            2000.05.07-4.2 BSD lpr/lpd line printer spooling system
ii  lprng          3.8.10-1.2     lpr/lpd printer spooling system
ii  makedev        2.3.1-62       Creates device files in /dev.
ii  mawk           1.3.3-9        a pattern scanning and text processing langu
ii  mkdesktophdico 0.5-2          Automatic KDE/GNOME Desktop harddisk icon cr
ii  mkisofs        1.10-7         Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images.
ii  modutils       2.4.21-1       Linux module utilities.
ii  mount          2.11y-1        Tools for mounting and manipulating filesyst
ii  mountapp       3.0-2.1        Tool to (un)mount devices, dockable in Windo
ii  mouseconfig    0.5-2          Lightweight mouse configuration tool for Kno
ii  mpg321       A Free command-line mp3 player, compatible w
ii  nano-tiny      1.0.6-2        free Pico clone with some new features - tin
ii  ncurses-base   5.3.20021109-2 Descriptions of common terminal types
ii  ncurses-bin    5.3.20021109-2 Terminal-related programs and man pages
ii  net-tools      1.60-4         The NET-3 networking toolkit
ii  netbase        4.09           Basic TCP/IP networking system
ii  netcardconfig- 0.5-14         Minimalistic ncurses/dialog-based network co
ii  netkit-inetd   0.10-9         The Internet Superserver
ii  nfs-common     1.0-2          NFS support files common to client and serve
ii  nvi            1.79-20        4.4BSD re-implementation of vi.
ii  parted         1.6.5-1        The GNU Parted disk partition resizing progr
ii  passwd         4.0.3-7        Change and administer password and group dat
ii  perl-base      5.8.0-15       The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.
ii  portmap        5-2            The RPC portmapper
ii  ppp            2.4.1.uus-4    Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon.
ii  ppp-scripts-kn 0.5-1          PPP connection scripts for various providers
ii  pppconfig      2.1            A text menu based utility for configuring pp
ii  procps         3.1.5-1        The /proc file system utilities
ii  psmisc         21.2-1         Utilities that use the proc filesystem
ii  pump           0.8.11-8       Simple DHCP/BOOTP client.
ii  rebuildfstab-k 0.5-4          fstab-rebuilder for KNOPPIX
ii  rxvt           2.6.4-6        VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window Sys
ii  scanpartitions 0.5-4          fstab-helper for KNOPPIX
ii  scite          1.44-1         Lightweight GTK-based Programming Editor
ii  sed            3.02-8.1       The GNU sed stream editor
ii  slang1         1.4.4-7.2      The S-Lang programming library - runtime ver
ii  sqlite         2.4.7-1        A command line interface for SQLite
ii  sudo           1.6.7p3-2      Provide limited super user privileges to spe
ii  syslinux       2.00-2         Bootloader for Linux/i386 using MS-DOS flopp
ii  sysvinit       2.84-143       System-V like init with KNOPPIX scripts.
hc  sysvinit-knopp 2.84-1         System-V like init with KNOPPIX scripts.
ii  tar            1.13.25-5      GNU tar
ii  tcc            0.9.18-3       The smallest ANSI C compiler
ii  tcpd           7.6-ipv6.1-3   Wietse Venema's TCP wrapper utilities
ii  ted-common     2.14-1         common files used by ted and ted-gtk
ii  ted-gtk        2.14-1         graphical RTF (Rich Text Format) editor, exp
ii  traceroute     1.4a12-12      Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP
ii  usbutils       0.9-1          USB console utilities
ii  usleep-knoppix 0.5-1          sleeps for a number of microseconds, see man
ii  util-linux     2.11y-1        Miscellaneous system utilities.
ii  vorbis-tools   1.0rc3-1       Several Ogg Vorbis Tools
ii  whiptail       0.50.17-12     Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she
ii  wireless-tools 26-1           Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extens
ii  wlcardconfig-k 0.5-2          Minimalistic ncurses/dialog-based WLAN confi
ii  wmcpuload      1.0.0-1        Dockapp that displays the current CPU usage
ii  wmnet          1.05-7         network monitor for WindowMaker using kernel
ii  wvdial       PPP dialer with built-in intelligence.
ii  xbase-clients  4.2.1-4        miscellaneous X clients
ii  xfonts-75dpi   4.2.1-3        75 dpi fonts for X
ii  xfonts-base    4.2.1-6        standard fonts for X
ii  xfree86-common 4.2.1-3        X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
ii  xlib6g         4.2.1-3        pseudopackage providing X libraries
ii  xlibmesa3      4.2.1-3        XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library
ii  xlibs          4.2.1-3        X Window System client libraries
ii  xmms           1.2.7-1.1      Versatile X audio player that looks like Win
ii  xmms-cdread    0.14a-9.2      Input plugin for XMMS that reads audio data 
ii  xpacman        0.11-9         Basic Pacman
ii  xpaint         2.6.2-2        reasonably versatile X-based image editing t
ii  xpdf-common    1.01-3         Portable Document Format (PDF) suite -- comm
ii  xserver-common 4.2.1-3        files and utilities common to all X servers
ii  xutils         4.2.1-3        X Window System utility programs
ii  xzgv           0.7-14         Picture viewer for X with a thumbnail-based 
ii  zile           1.6.1-2        a very small emacs-like editor
ii  zlib1g         1.1.4-6        compression library - runtime