Damn Small Linux
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Related Projects
DSL Relatives

Non-English Damn Small Linux information pages:
http://www.damnsmall-deutschland.eu Germany
www.dweb.hu/iso/dsl.php Hungarian
www.linuxzone.cz Czech

An Interview at DistributionWatch

Damnsmalllinux.org is being hosted on a Virtual Private Servers at www.tektonic.net, their customer service has been excellent, especially considering how affordable it is.

Knoppix.net This is a great website for folks who are exploring the possibilities of Knoppix.

Morphix Morphix is a pretty cool project, it is a modular Linux distribution where you can mix and match modules to get a highly custom Linux ISO which can run off of a CD or be easily installed on a hard drive. Alex, the author strives to make a distribution easy enough for all to use.

Knoppix, the amazing LiveCD

Debian Planet News for Debian. Stuff that *really* matters

Puppy Linux An interesting and very small desktop distribution.

Got a similar project? Let me know and I'll link to you!