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Can't get DSL to run in any mode

I am new to DSL but not necessarily running Linux on virtualbox

I have tried every mode, ("virtual box video", "dsl 2023...." etc), 32 bit and 64 bit, have VB guest additions installed, etc. But it keeps ending up on the desktop image with nothing else. Nothing to click on, nor key combinations bringing up anything. 

Interestingly, video safe mode at least brings a red menu bar at the bottom and the computer details in the far right corner, thought I am not sure why. Missed getting s screenshot of it and trying to bring it up again didn't work because it got an out of memory error.

I am on windows 11, Virtual Box 7.0 btw. I also tried both 32 bit and 64 bit mode for the "virtual box video" mode 


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The bar you see at the bottom belongs to the Virtualbox. Try to right click on the wallpaper. That should give you the DSL menu. I had problems with Virtualbox too so I'm using VMware now instead. The old DSL works in Virtualbox so I kept it for a while but now it's gone from my Windows 11 system. The present second alfa of DSL works well on my VMware Workstation although I can't get the native 1920x1080 resolution just 1280x786. But everything I need works. So right click on the desktop and you'll most probably will get the DSL menu. Good luck!

// meo

PS VMware Player can be used for free just like Virtualbox DS
(02-24-2024, 06:37 PM)meoTry to right click on the wallpaper.  ... So right click on the desktop and you'll most probably will get the DSL menu. Good luck! Wrote: // meo

I doubt that'll work as it doesn't look like it's loaded fully (still monochrome)? Maybe there will be something in the logs?
Well it might seem so but I have on several occations experienced that you still can open the menu by right clicking on the wallpaper even if it's monochrome. Actually many times that has resulted in that the wallpaper has changed to full color and you get the menu. So give it a try! I think it will work.

// meo
I haven't used VB much at all, but I did try running DSL 2024 yesterday in VM on a very anemic old T420 Thinkpad. It booted fine for me in "safe video mode" but the performance wasn't great on that hardware.

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