Damnsmalllinux en español

Hace mucho tiempo estaba buscando un linux que fuera compatible con los viejos equipos. Por suerte DSL trajo esa solución y resucite algunas maquinas del deposito.

Pero lamentablemente encontre muy poca información español. Por eso me dedicí por este blog, asi los hispanoparlantes podemos compartir nuestras experiencias con este fabuloso DSL.

Gracias a todos por sus opiniones !!

3.b.2 - Creating a *.tar.gz Extension from Source


Before getting started, lets consider some reasons why we might choose to go with a *.tar.gz (or 'green') extension rather than the standard *.dsl way. First, there is the issue of memory usage. Installation of a *.dsl extension causes the execution of the script 'mkwriteable', which copies a larger part of the filesystem into the ramdisk to allow writing to these files. This of course uses more RAM. Opening up the additional files also opens up the system to potential damage. When a program or library can be overwritten, it can possibly cause problems. A *.tar.gz extension does not execute mkwriteable, and so base system libs and programs cannot be modified. These extensions write only to /opt, /var, and /home.

The DSL Geek Market

I just logged in to the DSL forums today and noticed the new free auctions.


I have a ton of junk that I never bother listing on any fee-based auction site because I don't want to pay the fee if it doesn't sell. Figure I might as well offer up some of it now. Junk like old pci/isa cards, hds, ram, and who knows what other goodies a fellow DSL user might be interested in. I will probably be one of the biggest consumers of this merchandise, as I can't pass up a good deal. I really want to see what cool stuff yall offer up too.

This was a great idea.

uDSL - Delays, delays, delays

Well, it's April, and the work on uDSL continues.

I blame my discovery of UnionFS. It makes my dream of a unified ramless extension system real.

Well, that, and the advances in things like udev and a minor patch to the loop kernel module (nothing big, just that my kernel now supports a full whopping 1M loop devices.)

That, UnionFS and SquashFS put together let me make a 10M DSL core with the ability to add any software you want at no extra charge.

Well, some extra charge. from my calculations, you'll need an aditional 64k of ram per extension you add on.

Additionally, everything's being cross-compiled from scratch for two target platforms: i386 PC and G3 Mac.

ordered a mac laptop.

ordered a powerbook g4...

can anyone say emulation? =)


my two favourite things, bsd, portable computing...

with the ability to work on DSL ;)

Childish Behavior

OK, I am about as upset as I have been for awhile. My not for profit work has almost come to a complete standstill because of childish adults.

Here's some background.....

The building I use for No Computer Left Behind is a wonderful old building that was up for demolition. A man came along and decided he wanted to save the building. He struck a deal with the Historic Landmarks of Indiana Inc. to refurbish the building. If he received a 501(c)3 federal NFP designation, they would sign the building over to him.

Well, on Monday, he received his 501(c)3 approval and faxed it to the organization. Today (Friday) as he is gone to a meeting at this organization, they sneak into town and change the locks on the building. They have decided now that they don't want to give him the building now that he has put thousands of his own dollars into it with new heating/air and other upgrades. So now, I cannot get to any of my equipment! He is meeting with the organization president on Monday morning so I will wait to hear from him before I do anything. He is determined to fight this in court and I am determined to get the press involved if they do not come to their senses. In the mean time, I am basically on hold. It's very frustrating because I was going to be giving PC's to kids on Monday evening.

0.d - Fixing a Corrupted ISO Download

So, you downloaded the ISO image, md5summed, and the checksums didn't match.

But it took you all night to download it, and you don't want to have to start from scratch, do you?

Well you don't have to! And I'll tell you how! reguardless of the OS you are running!

Note: this method works, no matter how the image is messed up. Even if you only got 41mb from one of the mirrors, and then the server died.

What you need:
1. the messed up ISO image
2. internet connection
3. Any bittorrent client (bittorrent-gui, bittorrent-cli, or ctorrent from the repository will be GREAT)

How to do it:

What oses are in use in your home / ofiice / what have you (note a little exaustive)

windows all the way
7% (3 votes)
linux all the way
14% (6 votes)
its a mixed bag : Windows and Linux
73% (32 votes)
DOS - Disk Operating System
0% (0 votes)
DOS with Windows 3.1
2% (1 vote)
2% (1 vote)
DOS with GEM
0% (0 votes)
Macintosh os before 9
0% (0 votes)
Mac OS X
2% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
BSD (any flavor)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 44

the stupididty of doing bussiness

ok, i use a varity of oses : linux (ark, dsl), windows ( 98se, 2k, xph), bsd (free, open) and beos

so i need a new disk for my win2k box, the other was keyed up pretty badly, so i called my local computer shop, thinking they would get me a retail copy, well they would not, they said i should be running windows 98se as my cpu is only a p2/450, ok now i think 98se is ok, but not for that box.
"so why cant i run 2k?" i asked, "its not a home os" was the reply
and they would not sell a copy to me!, even tho i was going to pay full price (285$)!
now thats just plain stupid!

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