starting blog à fond

hi evry bod'

Today 10th fo maty, 2005, i discover shinux AND DSL

Dwnload shinux, write it to usb key, boot up whit setup modified, OK !!!

Dwnlod DSL, because looks more near of my needs, after readin' about it on the knoppix site...

What did i downld ? It says : "damnsmall-0.3.6-usb.tar", and after swimming (no, not surfin') across doccs and forums and very many pages can't find out a line on how to use this "tar" ...

Maybe i'm a little tired

Maybe i trie aguène toumorove...

but, anyway...

well welll see you soon !!!

Good ol Linux

My laptop is running great on DSL and this thing is pretty old (cyrix 266, 96ram and 3gb hd) so who needs a new laptop anymore! I'm gonna blow a that thousand bucks on a vacation.
I have an old 486 computer with 16 ram and 1 gb harddrive. I think I will install DSL on it, make it work, and give it as a present to an elderly friend. He's 80 something years old retired professor from Columbia. He is currently using windows xp and has had many major problems with it. I don't know what the heck he clicks on that computer when on the net but his system keeps on blowing up. I think he'll feel better with a linux system given that it will be subjected to much less sabotage.

Windows share box/backup server

I haven't done much with DSL lately, (i did install it on an old PC to act as a backup-server/windows-share-box so that i can re-use 4 old harddisc's). There's not much exciting going on in the testing-depository lately (for me). Got hold of an other 512 Mb usb stick but that one isn't better/faster/bigger then my old stick. He! Maybe there's a way to cluster the 4 old Hd's?

Questions from a Linux Newbie, Not to Bright

I am tired of Windows XP. I would like to know if:
1) Can I down load Open Office?
2) Will I be able to search the web without problems.

I have a Lap top, with 4.2 Gigabyte and
Amd 360Mgh / 160 ram. I am tired of rebooting windows. This last time the CPU will not power down to 4 to 16% at stand still. I have been studing the Linux for a while. I have no Idea of programing or strings ect. but I have heard nothing but good from others. I will in time be using AutoCad also so I need something I can rely on. I also have a wirerless card for total mobility. I am also interested in Linux as a whole.

8.c - Creating a larger Virtual HDD (Embed)

(Posted by roberts in the forums)

I do not use the qemu-img program. Instead I do everything from DSL.
To make the pseudo harddrisk I used the following 2 steps from DSL.

dd of=harddisk bs=1024 seek=60000 count=0

mke2fs harddisk ( ignore the warning and proceed )

There are files on the default 60MB harddisk. The backup.tar.gz is there.
Since qemu is a "known" virtual machine, it has a pre-made backup.tar.gz on hdb The sound blaster modprobe is in the opt/

If you make a larger pseduo harddisk, with a different name of course, then mount both the 60MB and your new one.

Donation for good DSL work offered, who wants participate?

Hi everybody,

I have been working parallely with my daily work with DLS Linux and find it really nice collection of compact functionality. I have not enough time nor experience to go forward as fast as I would like to and would like to ask whether anybody of this community would be interested in making this work for me. I am ready to compensate the work with cash, of course. My requirements are simply the following:
- DSL Linux
- My specific Background Picture
- Mozilla Firefox Browser with the following plu+ins working:
- Macromedia Flash
- WM9 streaming video Support

Websense is hogging up my pc in Digital Electronics

Well, I don't really know if anyone else has the same problems I'm having at school. Your probably not but my school and maybe yours is going through a wierd security upgrade.

The "thing" causing this problem is called Websense, a program that checks a website before it allows you to access it, very rarely this happens, or it just declines it and blocks it off, extremely common.

The bad thing about it is that it has blocked just about every website that my friends and I have been trying to get to. They've blocked Miniclip, Ebaumsworld, even CHSRobotics, which is a website that I made for the school itself. I mean they have everything restricted. And it always gives some reason as to blocking it, although it usually is some off the wall reason, like yesterday (04/25/05), I was trying to go to Programmers, and it came up with "This website has been blocked by Websense. Reason = Religious Cult Activation and Suspicious Drug Abuse. ". I didn't know that over night the publishers turned into a crackhead KKK group ( No offense to all those of African American race. ).

2.i - LOADLIN install

This is yet another version of "poorman's install", but it works. Try it and compare with other "poorman's" methods. As with others, this version offers a glimpse of GNU/Linux/DSL heaven from Windows hell.

Note that this installation method works for most Knoppix-based Live-CD variants, as well as for Knoppix itself.

This procedure requires the following things:

- DSL cd, or dsl iso image file and a tool for extracting its contents.

- loadlin.exe, version 1.6c by Hans Lermen. Obtain this from his site at or other dos/linux utilities collection sites.

Greetings from Sydney, Australia! :)

Hi everyone, just posting my first blog ever! :)

I just took a break from my studies to check out DSL and I am amazed :) Its so cooL! I got it working the first time yesterday (don't know how) and it was cool, then I played around with the partitions and :( it was all gone!
But after much struggle, I can now carry a USB flash drive with DSL!!!

Not sure where else I can use it other than on my own computer......I wonder if I can use it on the university computers......;)


Me olvide de comentar que tengo instalado mi DSL en una Compaq Presario 1255 Laptop y funciona muy bien para sus 32 mb de ram.

Solo tengo problemas con el sonido que parece ser que el kernel no contiene los modulos para la ESS 1887/89. Espero que en versiones posteriores esto se solucione. Si alguien tiene alguna idea, les agradesco.

Por otro lado, recomiendo una visita a , hay muchos recursos para nuestro desktop.

Saludos ;)