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wifi doesn't work
my wifi (ralink rt3062 doesn't work i use antix 23 but i have to use the dvd iso sadly.
Does it work with the antiX 23 Base i386 runit iso?
(02-05-2024, 10:58 PM)John Wrote: Does it work with the antiX 23 Base i386 runit iso?

the full iso yes not the base.
If we could figure out the package and it isn't too bulky I will include it in an upcoming release.
found the driver it's the firmware misc nonfree.
trying out alpha 2 and wifi still doesn't work
I could probably include firmware misc nonfree in the next release.
That would help, here, also if it fits.
thanks mate :3 i can't be leave i didn't think of this before, instead of slipping the nonfree drivers into the iso why not have it in a deb package and have gdeb package installer in the the iso?
Lordmmx, maybe I am missing something in your idea, but if the driver for wifi isn't in there the gdeb won't be able to install what it can't get at.

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