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Alpha 2 Now Available
Fixed the "apt upgrade" breaking the menu issue.

Added syslinux-utils package to the iso.  Now DSL includes the isohybrid utility needed to install DSL onto a bootable USB drive.

Added a script to make a bootable USB drive either from the image on a liveCD or use the latest ISO from the DSL website.
(I would appreciate some feedback on this one.)

Modifies Conky so that it displays properly with 800x600 resolution.

Added the Network-Assistant utility which has been helpful on some computers with network driver issues.

Fixed the "brawer" typo that made it into some of the reviews.

Moved the "DSL File Restore" script to a more prominent place on the menu.

Miscellaneous small changes to reduce the iso size.
silly novice question: testing will require a full blown OS reinstall right? there is no manual way to upgrade?
Not a silly question, but yes, you would need to install again. That said, the changes are small and you could duplicate much of them by just reading the sticky post in the "help" forum. If everything is running to your liking I don't see why you should have to reinstall.
Thanks for this! I'd stuck the ISO on a Ventoy stick but hadn't actually tried to boot from it .. this was before I read the post(s) re. isohybrid.

Also, with Alpha 1 I used `md5sum -c dsl-2024.alpha.iso.md5.txt` prior to installing and saw that it did an integrity check on install anyway. I still do that check though, as it's standard practice for me.

I'll try out the new one a bit later today. Smile

[brian@BG-T440-MANJARO OS_ISOs] $ md5sum -c dsl-2024.alpha2.iso.md5.txt
dsl-2024.alpha2.iso: FAILED
md5sum: WARNING: 1 computed checksum did NOT match
Please ignore my edit. the download hadn't completed for whatever reason.

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