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JohnMurga Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,00:12 QUOTE

Quote (lucky13 @ June 19 2008,00:07)
You're irrational, you're upset, you're by your own admission "not reasonable." IOW, your impressions of everything are @*#&ed up. Come back after you've taken your medication or slept it off or found your "happy place." I'm not going to get in a flame war with someone as hypersensitive as you are. And please don't call me your friend with or without adjectives. With your attitude, you never will be mine.

That's nice and rational for you ;-)

But you really do have to stop the putting your words in my mouth, doesn't make for a convincing argument ...

How many friends do you have, out of interest ? ;-)

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chaostic Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,00:17 QUOTE

Quote (JohnMurga @ June 18 2008,19:59)
Quote (lucky13 @ June 18 2008,23:40)
I *have* read the license and it doesn't restrict anyone from "butchering" or doing whatever they want, so long as they make the sources available (order the freaking sources CD yet?!) and make the proper copyright attributions. Now answer this: Where has DSL complied with these terms before your panties got all twisted up because they decided the bindings were useful even if the way YOU chose to use them weren't in the best interests for DSL? If you've wanted compliance, you're kind of late to the party. Hypocrite.

OK, you are pretty sad ...

And don't read very well :-)

Actually you decided what the reality was a long time ago, and I guess you are consistent because you are sticking to it despite all the evidence to the contrary ... So I'll give you a senility kudos if you like ;-)

Do you always handle it this badly when people disagree with you ?

Anyway ...

Terms 1) and 2) (sections a) and c)) are being violated, and some of the source is already being distributed in DSL without attributions ... I don't need to order the CDs to see that as the violations are occurring regardless of that (as I have tried to explain 4 times - my hard headed friend).

Go on do some basic research yourself.


Wait, isn't the mugralua bindings that dsl uses mostly un-interactive? Isn't it used to simple run a script, which the script asks for input?

Then how is 2c of the gpl 2 being violated?
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,00:17 QUOTE


The quote from your forum is "they have gone behind my back and butchered my project". You are inferring some malicious intent.

Listen, I'm sure you believe that you have been wronged and it may be true. I honestly don't know since I am not a developer. I just feel like some restraint in posting to the DSL forums would have been a better approach until you had at least talked to the DSL devs.  

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lucky13 Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,00:27 QUOTE

I haven't put a single word in your mouth. Go look again at your post where you accuse DSL of violating the GPL. Your widdle feewings are hurt. Your chief complaint is about the "butchering" of the FLTK bindings because you're a control freak who objects to others using code you released under GPL as they see fit (EDIT: THAT WAS ONE OF THE POINTS YOU RAISED AGAIN WRT LICENSING AND MODIFYING THE LICENSE SO OTHERS *CANNOT* USE IT AS THEY SEE FIT! IF THE GPL DOESN'T SUIT YOUR TASTES OR YOUR THRESHHOLD FOR OTHERS USING THAT CODE AS THEY SEE FIT, YOU SHOULDN'T USE GPL!). That's all that was done. You've not been molested. Those are YOUR words. Not mine. It's amusing to say the least that you'd whine about code being "butchered" just because YOUR way isn't necessarily the best for everyone else's needs, but that only indicates what kind of person you are. Not much we do about that. That's your problem. Just wish you wouldn't try to make it everyone else's.

If there's ANY oversight on copyright notices, do you think MAYBE there are more productive ways of handling such matters? If you're concerned about the sources, have you ordered them yet or asked for them yet (and if so, have you been denied them)?

"It felt kind of like having a pitbull terrier on my rear end."
-- meo (copyright(c)2008, all rights reserved)
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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 19 2008,00:40 QUOTE

There is and never was any intent to violate the GPL.

The development of as a shared library occured openly and discussed in the Site News on DSL v4.3, see posts starting around May 02, 2008, or approximately p15. I would suggest everyone interested to read this. Compliance to the GPL is also discussed during this thread.

It is very unfortunate that Mr Murga attacks the DSL project without privately contacting the developers of DSL and gathering facts and trying to resolve any concerns.

I know the DSL project does not operate that way. To come here and flame bait as well as post accusations on your website is very sad. It serves only to promote ill will between our two projects.

Just as you have said you were promoting DSL, DSL was and is promoting murgaLua. I believe DSL is the only distribution that uses murgaLua as its main widget scritpting environment.
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Quick Reply: Usage of murgaLua by DSL

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