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linuxfan Offline

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Posted: Jan. 30 2006,05:37 QUOTE

Hey mikshaw,
Bloody beautiful, Mate! I changed that line just like you said, and I now have icewm working! Really odd green color, but I'll deal with that later. I've noticed, too, that there is no place on the menu to change back to fluxbox or jwm, and I can't find icewm's menu file to add them. Where should it be? My next odd question: being as this is a HD install, can I add Nautilas as a file manager? Thanks for all your help, I'm learning a bunch!

EDIT - Ok, I found icewm's example menu, but I still can't find the active one...

Thanks again!


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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Jan. 30 2006,14:04 QUOTE

The system-wide menu (probably in /usr/share/icewm/) should be copied to $HOME/.icewm/menu
After that, this is the file that icewm will use.  Add these lines to it somewhere:
Code Sample
restart "Fluxbox" - fluxbox
restart "JWM" - jwm

The dash (-) can be replaced by an icon filename if you have an appropriate one.

I'm not sure if JWM has a "switch-to" feature like the others do...that may be the reason for the switch script.

I'm sure you *can* add nautilus, but i have no idea how much work it would be.  For a recent version you will at least need GTK2 installed

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