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RDP into DSL from Win 10
Finally a successful RDP connection from Windows!!!!

Thanks Nathan. That link lead me to some interesting information:

3.4 non root user - there was not an xwrapper.config located in the directory x11, but there were other config-like files that I looked at and they seemed to have info regarding the allowable users and it looked like they were set correctly.

4.4 green screen/etc/xrdp/sesman.ini was already configured with the path for Xorg

While I was looking for these issues, I noticed on the DSL screen that there was a lot of output from my last unsuccessful RDP attempt, and in that info it stated that a successful RDP attempt had been made, user was authenticated but the Window Manager failed to load due to a configuration issue. 

I had noticed while I was in /etc/X11, that there were two WM directories listed: icewm and fluxbox. Since icewm does not appear in my Desktop list, on a hunch, I edited again, this time using "startfluxbox".

Now when I RDP from windows I get the xrdp login window and then a black screen, but the fluxbox menu is there and I can access various windows like the browser and a terminal with no issue. I'm now going to look at:

4.2 Black Screen
4.3 Black screen with a desktop environment

And see if I can get the background to render, although its not necessary for my purpose. I actually don't really need to use xfce, or any other WM, as long as I have RDP access. Given that, I am probably going to remove xfce and xfce goodies. Then I am going to try again on a fresh system, as I currently have 4 DSL boxes running to make sure this is repeatable and I did not forget something.

Again, thanks Yan and Nathan.
Glad to hear you were able to get to a workable state.

I was able to achieve essentially the same result by installing xorgxrdp, in addition to xrdp, and creating the Xwrapper.config file. Not quite sure wh that's necessary but the xvnc option doesn't seem to work.

That is, establishing an RDP conection from my desktop (running Windows 10) to my DSL test machine (old laptop with DSL2024 installed on a hard disk). Like you I am only able to get a desktop wih taskbar and menu, but black background. But it works and applications can be launched.
Yes, at least being able to RDP into the machine is the battle that needed to be won. When I get time, I'll compare what is in the xrdp directory and the X11 directory between my DSL machine and my Debian 12 machine. But for now, I'm set. Now onto installing Git and setting up a repo.

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